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The Festival


The Think Forward Film Festival was established in Venice in 2011, with the aim to study, discuss, and disseminate climate change as well as the issues related to energy efficiency and renewable energy through both short and feature films.

The Think Forward Film Festival is a project of the International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG), a joint initiative of Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM) and Fondazione Giorgio Cini, now an internationally renowned centre whose research activities focus on the design of climate policy and governance.

The festival will feature films and documentaries as well as a selection of the best short films from the competition. There will be side events such as meetings and discussions with directors and actors. Some activities will be aimed to inform both students and teachers on issues related to climate change and renewable energy sources in order to both increase awareness as well as to encourage discussions on these topics among young people.

The Think Forward Film Festival has made sustainability its founding principle, for instance, by printing materials on FSC-certified recycled paper, using zero kilometre catering, and preferring to use digital communication to air travel when organising events.

The admission is free, subject to availability.

The Image of the 2014 Edition

Consumer choices we bring to our table is the theme of the 2014 Think Forward Film Festival. The sustainability of daily consumption is a key issue for addressing climate change and especially one to which everyone can make his or her direct contribution. We also like the idea of pitching the ball on Expo 2015’s hot topic: providing food and water for all in a sustainable way for the entire Planet.

The message the Festival wants to launch this year is an invitation to make responsible choices about what we eat, drink and, in the broadest sense, consume.

This creative idea plays on the perception we have of how our consumption affects the climate and ecosystems. To emphasize the direct link between consumption and climate change, as in an optical game, in our food consumption we can see elements that refer directly to climate and energy.

Its intense colors and essential but incisive style recall Pop Art, which turns our attention to the objects of the consumer society. The backdrops are brightly colored tablecloths: the daily context in which we make small choices that affect the future of the planet.

2014 TFFF - poster